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Association Handbook

The Association Handbook is a work in progress and will contain general information about the Chesterfield Homeowners Association, clarifications of the governing documents when needed, and rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors as allowed in the Associationís governing documents, which will be developed in order to provide a safe, secure neighborhood, and to protect our property values, the most vital asset of the neighborhood.

On June 30, 2008, the Board meeting adopted the following:

  1. Board of Directors Mission Statement: The Chesterfield Board of Directors shall be stewards of the association, fiscally responsible in all decisions, imposing impartial enforcement of the governing documents, and maintaining bylaws to supplement the governing documents.
  2. Homeowners shall not store garbage cans, recycling bins, and/or yard waste bags at the front or sides of their homes.
  3. Homeowners shall not store firewood at the front or sides of their homes.
  4. The Board shall enforce violations of the governing documents and bylaws in the following manner:
    1. 1st violation: Warning letter, 30 days to comply.
    2. 2nd violation (same offense): Warning letter, $50 fine, 30 days to comply.
    3. 3rd violation (same offense): Warning letter, additional $100 fine, submit to collections attorney.

The Board will develop and adopt additional bylaws as needed.


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