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Pet WasteJust a reminder that North Aurora has an Ordinance 6.08.090 Owner's responsibility for removal of excreta

(Pet Waste)

“The owner of every animal shall be responsible for the removal and sanitary disposition of excreta deposited by his or her animal anywhere in the village. When accompanying the animal outside his or her property, the owner shall have on his or her person suitable means for the removal of such excreta which will then be placed in a refuse container for sanitary removal.” 

When walking your dog on common property please make sure you are removing your pet’s waste.

Waste Management Holiday Pick-up Information

Waste Management Recognized Holidays -In the event that any of the following holidays fall on a weekday, all refuse, yard-waste, and recyclable collections services on that day, and for the remainder of that week, shall be delayed one day after the recognized holiday. This will generally result in trash collection on Saturday for your regular Friday pick-up.

All other holidays such as Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, or Veterans Day WILL NOT affect your regular Friday trash pick-up.




Patty Graw  
Clint Crackel  
Larry Stricker


E-mail sent to the following address will go to all board members:

Kelly Henry
Baum Property Services
725 Morton Ave.
Aurora, IL 60506
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 46
Aurora, IL 60507-0046
630-897-0500 phone
630-897-2440 fax

All payments must be made payable to "Chesterfield HOA" and mailed to the address above.


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Schneider Elementary
304 Banbury
North Aurora, IL
Herget Middle School
1550 Deerpath Rd.
Aurora, IL
West Aurora High School
1201 W. New York St.
Aurora, IL



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